David Bruce Johnson

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David exemplifies the fact that artists come from all walks of life.  He was born in Lindsay, Ontario where he lived until graduating from High School.  He then attended the Royal Military College of Canada and received his Baccalaureate in Applied Science.  As on Officer and pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces, he had the opportunity to see much of Canada in a helicopter.  After "retiring" from the Armed Forces, David became a Certified Environmental Auditor and worked in Canada's Department of National Defence.

David began carving in 1987 and entered his first competition in 1991.  His creativity and technical prowess led to success at numerous competitions and a growing international reputation.  Among awards too numerous to detail are honors from the Ward World Wildfowl Carving Championships, the Canadian Wildlife Carving Championships, the Canadian Carving Championships, and  the prestigious International Wood Carvers Congress.

Since becoming seriously involved in art, David consistently has followed his personal inspirations rather than trying to define a pigeon-hole for his work.  David gives free rein to his artistic expression and is not inhibited by either subject matter or medium.  His approach to sculpture is the epitome of creativity:  "I don't try to plan my artwork too precisely in the beginning.  Instead, I allow myself to thoroughly enjoy the creative process.  By doing so, I always attain a result that is much better than my original idea ."

 As can be seen on this website, David has produced a broad variety of sculptures, in both wood and stone.  He is in demand in Canada and the United States as an artist, an instructor and a competition judge.  His work is represented in collections in several countries. 

David lives with his wife, Tracey, in Creemore, Ontario.